Thursday, March 10, 2016


Be on the lookout for my girl Cheeky G with her new website cumming soon. She is looking to have it launched no later than April 1st so stay tuned cause you don't wanna miss out. Just in case you forgot how sexy she is, check this out.......

Soon you will be able to get your natural wedgie and wedgie picking fix and who knows...maybe you'll get to enjoy watching her get wedgied!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

sexy wedgie parts in spanking vid part 2

2nd part of sexy spanking vid. enjoy!

sexy wedgie parts in spanking vid part 1

natural wedgies, wedgie picking, wedgie giving/receiving. it don't get no better in spanking. only thing to make it hotter would be if it was a woman spanking them instead of a man

Thursday, November 5, 2015


In my opinion, there are 5 different categories of wedgies that define the vibe; sexy, comedic, painful, humiliating, and competitive.
 SEXY, my personal favorite, , is when the wedgies are shown off to arouse the viewer by the site of panties being in the butt. Examples: natural wedgies (panties riding up the butt naturally from movement), wedgie picking, and normal (not atomic, hanging, etc) wedgie pulls.
  COMEDIC, is when the site of the wedgie is meant to make you laugh. Especially when the butt cheeks are not shown. Examples include hanging, atomic, face mask, etc. Wedgies that are done as a prank and where the girls wear big parachute panties.
  PAINFUL, is when the panties are wedgied so hard, it looks like it hurts. Especially when the coochie lips are split. Examples include the same; hanging, atomic, and just any SUPER hard wedgie in panties that don't stretch good.
  HUMILIATING, is when the focus is on the girls' reactions to being wedgied. Usually the camera will be on the girls' faces instead of their butts. The face mask wedgies is definitely a great example. COMPETITIVE, is when there's a contest to see who can give the most wedgies, the longest wedgies, the hardest wedgies, etc. Consists of a lot of quick back and forth wedgies and sometimes wedgieing at the same time.

I did a survey and 45% of my people stated they like SEXY wedgies the best, and only 2% stated they like COMEDIC wedgies. Yet, based on the majority of the wedgie material out there, especially from Best Wedgies, the wedgies appear to be comedic to me. Still sexy to see those panties get pulled up the butt, but I personally would just like to see more wedgie vids where the focus is the show off the natural sexiness of panties both being in the butt, and being picked out of the butt. Please comment, thank u!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sexy Wedgie Heaven

This is by far one of the sexiest wedgie clips I have ever seen. I love her cotton tank top and bikini panties. Sexy wedgies all over the place. Natural wedgies, one hand wedgie picking and self wedgies. I love how she moves around is so many ways. Let me know if this clips makes you cum!

Monday, September 7, 2015

girl exercising with natural wedgie

so sexy watching her exercise in those panties as they ride up her butt. i loved watching her pick those wedgies out too.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

what a deelish natural wedgie

i love to see black girls in fullback panties catfighting. the smaller girl just couldn't keep her panties from riding up her butt. it was sexy when she picked her wedgie out too. it would have gotten super heated heavy if the fat girl would have gave her some wedgies too. i would have even had the fat girl wearing some cotton bikinis getting wedgied. IS THERE ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE THAT FEELS ME ON THIS STUFF????????????